Millions of Americans move on an annual basis, and 40% of them do not file a change of address notification with the USPS®. Whether it’s a forgotten task in the chaos of a move or an attempt to not be located, the fact remains that a number of moves simply can’t be found by running the NCOALink® process alone.

Our Proprietary Change of Address, or PCOA, processing captures information about moves from multiple sources like magazine subscriptions, credit card companies, and a variety of other sources. This data is all combined into a master database that your list is compared to. For each match you’re provided the new address along with a variety of supplemental data.

While the most effective use of PCOA processing is to run it after our NCOALink processing on the records that NCOALink didn’t find moves for, PCOA can be run as a stand-alone process. Because PCOA doesn’t require forms or other administrative tasks before running, your list can be returned in just moments with no additional paperwork.

How does PCOA work?

PCOA processing is a vital process to identify and update as many out-of-date mailing addresses in your list as possible. Whether you choose to run it after NCOALink processing or as a stand-alone task, PCOA processing helps ensure your list is as complete, correct, and current as possible.

After you upload your list, you’ll use our intuitive point and click interface to tell us a bit about your file and check out. We’ll immediately begin matching your list against the database and return your updated file quickly. We return key data that falls into three categories:

  1. Updated Address: For each record that matches, we provide the complete and standardized new mailing address for you to use in updating your records.
  2. Decision Making Data: Our PCOA process goes beyond providing just the new address, but also provides insight about the move itself to give you information critical to making decisions, such as the type and date of the move, a move confidence level, and recommended action suggestion.
  3. Supplemental Information: GoData also supplies you with a bevy of additional information about each updated record, including indicators if a property is known to be vacant, if an address is a mail receiving agency, and over a dozen other useful data points.


PCOA pricing starts as low as $3 per thousand records. Our convenient pay as you go pricing allows you to simply upload your list and pay for only the records you’re processing. The more records in your list, the less we’ll charge per record!

As with all GoData services, you’ll enjoy the same great benefits: no software to setup, no need to speak with a representative, and no surcharge for faster turnaround times. Simply upload your list, select a few options using our intuitive online platform, and checkout. Once everything is in order, most lists are returned in just minutes.

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