About GoData

What is GoData?

Exclusively from BCC Software, GoData™ is a tool that offers complete self-service access to data quality and list enhancement with none of the typical barriers like software installations, database configurations, or sale cycles.

GoData is a product owned by BCC Software, and offers an array of data leveraging services that integrate anywhere along your workflow spectrum. From mail preparation and tracking, to data enhancement and targeting, BCC Software has a variety of services appropriate for your direct communication needs. Visit the BCC Software website to learn more about all of our offerings.

So, how does it work?

Simply login, select a job type, set up a few options using our intuitive interface, and checkout. Your job will be processed and returned right to the site for you to download. Managing data quality for your postal, marketing, and sales efforts has never been easier.

Master data management, contact list management, postal discount maximization — whatever your data quality needs, you can trust the data you get back is complete, correct, and current. BCC Software has created GoData to put the power of data quality right in your hands, allowing every mailer, marketer, and sales professional to find success.

What does data quality mean to us?

There are three essential elements to true data quality – allowing for maximum reach of your efforts including reducing undeliverable mail, ensuring timely and predictable delivery of your message, and maximizing ROI.

Our data quality database is constantly updated to ensure you only get the best data available in the market today – and in the only truly self-service platform.

GoData only returns complete, correct, and current data – based on the elements below:

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Let’s automate your data quality process.

GoData is powered by BCC Software’s LENS® platform. This secure FTP based method allows you to provide files for automated processing, enabling optimized workflows that can run 24/7. To learn more about LENS and get a custom quote for your ongoing needs, please visit https://bccsoftware.com/software/data-quality-solutions/lens-platform/

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