Self Service Data Quality
List Enhancement

Complete, Correct, Current
There are three essential elements to true data quality – allowing for maximum reach of your efforts including reducing undeliverable mail and ensuring timely and predictable delivery of your message.

Those are the three hallmarks we focus on – making sure that you have a complete, correct, and current list for your efforts. Our data quality database is constantly updated to make sure you only get the best data available in the market today – and in the only truly self-service platform. GoData only returns complete, correct, and current data – based on the elements below.

COMPLETE data has two equally important components:

  • A complete address record consists of a well formed and validated set of elements, including the address, city, state, and ZIP + 4®. 123 Main Anytown NY is not as likely to get delivered, and won’t qualify for postal automation discounts, as 123 Main St, South Anytown, NY 12345-6789.
  • Complete data also tells you more about the address and the person associated with it. Your ability to make decisions based on your data is greatly enhanced if you know the address is a trailer park, if the intended recipient at that address is deceased, and you have vital demographic data like age, income, and presence of children.
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CORRECT addresses go beyond ensuring that the city, state and ZIP + 4 are accurate. Go Data is able to further correct addresses by verifying the deliverability of an address, provide correct abbreviations, and clean up misspellings. We go further by providing email verification and hygiene services to suggest corrections for email addresses, as well as provide valuable information about disposable addresses and spam traps.

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CURRENT lists are necessary for maximum impact of your efforts. In addition, keeping your list current is required by the USPS® to qualify for maximum postal discounts. With Go Data you can use NCOALink processing before you mail to your list to capture up to 48 months of moves. We also offer PCOA, or private change of address, to capture moves that were not filed with the USPS. Considering 40 million Americans change their address annually – change of address processing is crucial! It’s also an ongoing process – with over 3 million moves a month, even a list updated just a few months ago could be significantly behind!

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Quality data. Master data management. Contact list management. Postal discount maximization. BCC Software has created Go Data to put the power to achieve those goals in the hands of every mailer, marketer, and sales professional.

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