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Select from 300 million consumers in 120 million households across the US.

This file is from Experian’s consumer and demographic lifestyle database, with coverage on approximately 300 million consumers in 120 million households across the US. With more than 1,000 data attributes per record, your business can make decisions based on individual consumer behavior rather than on broad statistics.

Experian employs a rigorous series of reviews, tests, and evaluations to ensure the accuracy of the data in the consumer database. The data they acquire is tested and validated, then cleansed and combined using our proprietary logic to create the most accurate and comprehensive repository of consumer marketing information possible.

To build the consumer database they compile data from hundreds of public and proprietary sources. Public sources include white pages, property records, and others. Proprietary sources include product registration, self-reported survey responses, and mail order transactions, as well as other unique data. The result is the most comprehensive and accurate resource for data enhancement and list services available today, making it easier for you to reach your desired market segments.

This data, selected as individual data elements or combined, provides you with valuable insight into your current customer base and an effective means for targeting highly responsive prospects. It includes the following types of information:

  • Demographics – Age, gender, income, ethnicity, occupation, education
  • Behavioral/Lifestyle – Activities, pet owners, reading preferences, high-tech equipment users, contributors
  • Census – Median age, wealth rating, median income
  • Realty – Dwelling unit type, purchase price, mortgage amount, loan type and date, prevailing interest at time of sale, property characteristics
  • Life events – New movers, new parents, new homebuyers

All data is acquired from only ethical sources that meet Fair Information Values Assessment (FIVA) requirements. It is then approved through legal and regulatory reviews and tested for data quality prior to inclusion in the database. Existing sources and data are regularly re-evaluated, sampled, and tested for quality assurance.

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